Pomegranate Elixir - Fermented Pomegranate Juice
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Pomegranate Elixir - Fermented Pomegranate Juice

Bio-available concentrated fermented pomegranate juice with a polyphenol content 25 times stronger than an unfermented pressed pomegranate juice (40 000mg / L according to Dr. Jacob's). It contains 80% less sugar thanks to its fermentation process and the absence of added sugar.

Dr. Jacob's unique and patented development method gives it a unique level of quality in the world.

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25 times more polyphenols than a raw pressed juice

Since 2004, Jacob's Pomegranate Elixir has been the most polyphenol-containing pomegranate juice in Europe. Made in Germany and for a polyphenol content 25 times higher than a raw pressed pomegranate juice, it contains 80% less sugar than unfermented pressed pomegranate juice.

Bio-available fermented pomegranate juice

This stable content of polyphenols and the patented manufacturing process of live fermentation and rigorous controls during manufacture guarantee the quality and reliability of the product.

The products of Jacob's pomegranate are fermented. The microorganisms used and the patented traditional manufacturing techniques allow Dr. Jacob's to offer a high quality fermented pomegranate juice.

The microorganisms used during fermentation break down fruit sugar and include large polyphenol complexes to produce bio-available punicalagin and ellagic acid.

Dr. Jacob's Pomegranate Elixir contains the power of whole pomegranate for a truly intense pomegranate experience.

The polyphenols (tannins, flavonoids), which are contained in large quantities and give it their characteristic fruity tart flavor.

Bio label?

Strict controls and regular analyzes by independent laboratories ensure a consistently high quality of each bottle.

The company Dr. Jacob's has chosen not to label its product bio to maintain its manufacturing methods and protect its patents and innovations.

The best pomegranate research since 2004

Dr. Jacob's Medical GmbH is the leading innovator in pomegranate products in Germany. It was the first company in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to study the effect of the grenade.

Usage tips

Take 10 to 20 ml per day in 100 to 200 ml of carbonated or diluted water.

You can also eat it pure if you are not sensitive to the stomach.

The benefits of pomegranate are increased if you consume Pomegranate Elixir without food (especially if they contain meat).

We advise you to keep your bottle already started in your refrigerator.


Partially fermented concentrated pomegranate juice and partially fermented pomegranate pulp (95% pomegranate), concentrated elderberry juice, potassium lactate, natural vanilla flavor, stabilizer (citrus pectin), spices.

Nutritional values

The Pomegranate Elixir is a natural product made with fruits, the nutritional values ​​are provided for information only. They are based on an average of production records and can vary by +/- 10% from one batch to another.

For 100ml For 10ml (one dose)
Calories 1746kJ ou 179kcal 174,6kJ ou 17,9kcal
Proteins 2,2g 0,22g
Glucids 39g 3,9g
of which fruit sugar 39g 3,9g
Lipids 0.1g 0,01g
of which saturates 0.06g 0,006g
Dietary fiber 3g 0,3g
Sodium 0,04g 0,004g
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Origine du produit
Type de produit
Fermented concentrated juice
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Based on 5 reviews

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    C est concentré mais très bon

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    très bonne qualité

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    Bon produit

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    Produit bon

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