TRANSIT Double Action (60 comprimés)
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TRANSIT Double Action (60 comprimés)

Dietary supplement stimulating transit based on rhubarb, artichoke, black radish, prune and fibrulin.

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What is it used for ?

Plant extracts of TRANSIT Double Action stimulate the transit and fibrulin, prebiotic fiber (inulin) extracted from the chicory root, helps to find a flat stomach by boosting the flora and regulating the transit for a better elimination of the waste of the organism.

What does it contain?

TRANSIT Double Action is composed mainly of concentrated plant extracts:

  • Rhubarb extract (concentrated 5/1)
  • Artichoke extract (concentrated 12/1)
  • Black radish extract (2/1 concentrate)
  • Prune
  • Fibruline

Rhubarb acts as a transit stimulant through gently laxative and purgative properties. By its draining properties, it contributes to better digestion and better elimination of waste.

Black radish extract has choleretic properties (stimulating bile secretions) and cholagogues (promoting the evacuation of bile).

These functions help restore proper liver and gall bladder function.

By stimulating digestive secretions, they counteract better transit and promote the elimination of waste from the body.

Prune is a depurative, diuretic and mild laxative that boosts the activity of the intestines.

NUTRIGEE technology

Nutrigée has developed its own tablet technologies to maximize the assimilation of the nutrients that compose them.

As a result, nutrigee products are among the most efficient on the market.

The two-layer tablets are composed of two different natural materials that will allow a progressive and continuous distribution of nutrients for 24 hours.

Usage tips

One to three tablets in the evening before bedtime.


Components Quantity for one tablet
Rhubarb extract (concentrated 5/1) 280 mg
Artichoke extract (concentrated 12/1) 200 mg
Black radish extract (2/1 concentrate) 10 mg
Prune 10 mg
Fibruline® (inulin extracted from chicory) 100 mg
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60 tablets
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