Granaprosan - Freeze-dried fermented pomegranate juice
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Granaprosan - Freeze-dried fermented pomegranate juice

Food supplement in vegetable capsules, rich in antioxidants polyphenols of Grenade 100% fermented according to a bioactive process deposited by Dr. Jacob's. Each capsule contains 180 mg of fermented pomegranate polyphenols, which is 25 times more polyphenols than in pure cold pressed pomegranate juice.

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From Granada Elixir to Granaprosan

Granaprosan is an improved version of Dr. Jacob's Elixir de Grenade.

It is fermented 100%, it improves the bioavailability and significantly reduce its sugar content, and cold-dried to ensure the preservation of the antioxidant properties of grenades that compose it.

Each GranaProsan capsule contains 180 mg of fermented pomegranate polyphenols. It's colossal! 25 times more than those contained on average in a simple juice "cold pressed".

"Freshly squeezed" because a pomegranate juice says "classic" oxidizes as soon as the fruit is pressed and it is bottled which has the effect of destroying the polyphenols it contains naturally.

The fermentation process and cold drying developed by Dr. Jacob's, eliminate this inconvenience and guarantee a maximum content of pomegranate polyphenols.

Daily use

One bottle of GranaProsan contains 100 capsules and corresponds to 25 days of taking 4 capsules per day (2 times 2 capsules).

Pomegranate polyphenols deteriorate on contact with animal protein, so we advise you to consume GranaProsan outside of meals (1h before or 1h after) especially if you consume dairy products, eggs, fish or meat.

However, you can consume your GranaProsan capsules along with vegetable proteins: soy milk, nut milk, rice milk or others because it is not sensitive to these proteins.

Time taken

As a general rule, Nutritionalists who advise GranaProsan advise to consume it for a period of 2 months uninterrupted (3 boxes).


83% pomegranate (Punica Granatum L.) including 84% pomegranate juice and 16% fermented pomegranate juice extract, E464 Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, grape extract (contains sulphites), silicic acid.


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