Pro Bio (Regulat Pro Bio)
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Pro Bio (Regulat Pro Bio)

Energy drink result of 2 months of cascading fermentation of fruits, vegetables, nuts, 100% organic. Rich in lactic acid, it is a concentrate of amino acids, enzymes, dietary fibers "cut" in very small molecular masses extremely bio-available, easily assimilated by the body to accompany all its fundamental biological processes.

The exclusive distributor no longer wants to deliver to us. We can no longer offer you Dr Niedermaier's products at an acceptable price and are forced to suspend the marketing of this range. If you want more info, don't hesitate to email us.

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The new formula is enriched with natural Vitamin C from Acerola, and will be perfect to help maintain normal immune system function, reduce fatigue, and normal energy metabolism.

The Energy of Nature, its Pure and Quiet Force, in a highly bio-available concentrated form;

Regulat ProBio borrows for its action the fundamental biological processes* that Nature teaches us.

Your immune system will thank you!

Cascade Fermentation: The Formula of Nature

Cascade fermentation is a patented and energizing fermentation process that takes place in several stages.

The Regulat ProBio results from a very precise fermentation formula that is scrupulously respected, a concentrate of amino acids, oligopeptides, dietary fibers released in large quantities. These components are bioavailable, easily assimilated and play their beneficial roles in all tissues of your body.

Regulat ProBio is a concentrate of fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables, all 100% from organic farming, whose components are perfectly released during the fermentation process in successive stages called "cascade" fermentation (patent EP1153549).

Increased natural vitamin C extracted from acerola to help maintain the normal functioning of the immune system, normal energy metabolism, and reduce fatigue.

All substances are preserved in dextrorotatory lactic acid obtained during the cascade fermentation. This method of preparation allows the body to quickly and easily absorb valuable substances.

Tips for use

In the morning (fasting if possible) and evening (at bedtime if possible), 10 ml of Regulat ProBio (= 1 tbsp). Keep in the mouth for some time before swallowing or diluting in ½ glass of water. Regulat ProBio is also used externally, in skin applications or massage. Regulat ProBio is guaranteed without coloring, preservative, alcohol, sugar, gluten and milk.

Suitable for vegans.

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Reviews about this product

Based on 34 reviews

  • 5

    C'est un produit que je connais déjà, donc pas de surprise.

  • 5

    Efficace pour redonner du tonus et de la vitalité

  • 5

    Je viens de commencer la cure, produit à fort goût mais pas du tout désagréable.

  • 5

    J'ai déjà utilisé ce produit étendu et j'en suis satisfaite.

  • 4

    Produit de qualité

  • 5

    Ce produit m'aide beaucoup. Je le prends depuis mz 1ere chimio il y a 18 mois.

  • 4

    Nous allons recommander

  • 5

    Produit indispensable

  • 5

    Toujours satisfaite de ce produit, depuis des années. Booste les défenses immunitaires naturellement.

  • 5

    Très bon produit

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