Soap in pieces - 750g bottle
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Soap in pieces - 750g bottle

With this glitter soap, you will be able to say: "I can make my own homemade laundry"! Naturally hypoallergenic and concentrated, the glitter of this soap dissolves grease and thoroughly cleans your laundry.

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Why make your laundry yourself ?

And why not ?

Modern convenience, proximity and the ease with which we buy laundry products make us think that we are saving time and maybe even money by using laundry products that are commonly found in supermarkets.

It's not so! On the contrary, with traditional detergents, we use most of the time more products, their composition is often opaque and it is quite common to find allergens and other endocrine disruptors.

The cheapest laundry on the market

Flaky soap is the most economical detergent on the market. 2Kg of soap will allow you to perform 80 machine washes at the rate of 5Kg of laundry per wash.

The bottle of 750g allows you to make 30 washes or about 0.40 € per wash.

With a traditional brand laundry, we oscillate between 0.55 € and nearly 2 € per wash which is why!

An ultra efficient laundry

This laundry, in addition to being environmentally friendly and economical, will compete with or surpass most products on the market. You're going to wonder why you bought something else before!

An eco-friendly laundry

Take a step for the environment. This laundry without chemical additives, will allow you to reduce the release of products harmful to the environment. It will be suitable in most cases by replacing without problems the usual maintenance products.

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