The eco-home

In our homes, we use products daily for cleaning, ironing, washing up, doing laundry, or simply giving a scented atmosphere to our home. But many products that we use pollute our interior and their multiplication in our homes worries.

Recent studies have shown that exposure to these cocktails products with synthetic perfumes and sometimes obscure components are partly responsible for the development of allergies or intolerances and various disturbances.

Environmentally friendly cleaning and ambiance products allow everyone to significantly reduce our exposure to endocrine disrupters and all other components of the petrochemical industry. In addition, they will reject far fewer harmful products in our environment. They bring convincing results, up to the expectations and needs of their users and thus dispel concerns about their effectiveness compared to mass market products.

Bamboo Straws (4 pieces + stick)
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Set of 4 reusable bamboo straws hand made in a traditional and original way. Each straw is unique in its shape and its diameter, because of their method of manufacture and the natural origin of the product. Each set of 4 straws is supplied with a cleaning accessory for easy maintenance. We do not recommend putting them in the dishwasher because they will deteriorate quickly.
Food Baking soda - 1kg
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Food baking soda is the maintenance product for 1001 uses ! It is a cleaning agent, abrasive, deodorant, anti-limescale, pH regulator, softener, whitener. It will be your best ally against mold, stubborn stains on carpets, mattresses, solid carpet (carpet). It can also be used to remove bad smells from shoes, garbage cans, cupboards, litters or even the refrigerator!