Incense holder and accessories

Porte encens en bois de Sheesham
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It is an incense holder in the shape of a gondola, quite classic. It is made using Sheesham wood (Dalbergia sissoo), a precious wood from India or any levy is offset by a new plantation. This incense holder, sober, efficient, exists in two sizes. We advise you nevertheless the biggest size which will adapt to all the sticks whatever their size.
200ml mist sprayer for essential oils - Brumessentielle
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This mist allows you to easily diffuse all the fragrances of your essential oils. It easily replaces commercial deodorants with a similar or even greater effectiveness and all without diffusing synthetic perfume or other product which could be harmful to health. To use your fogger, all you need to do is add water, a dash of booster, and the essential oil of your choice. The booster is a 100% natural ingredient that optimally mixes essential oils in water.
28ml booster bottle
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This booster is used in the "BrumEssentielle" spray bottle to dissolve essential oils in water and therefore obtain optimal persistence of your essential oils, all with a low concentration of ethanol. 4ml of this booster is enough for your 200ml mixture to obtain the ideal mixture: a powerful fragrance that stays for a long time! This booster is designed 100% with ingredients of natural origin, Ecocert Cosmos approved and certified natural by NPA (Natural Product Association).
Porte-Encens en bois Aromambiance
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This incense holder allows to choose the burning time of its incense by placing the cylinder at the place of its choice on the support and by adjusting its incense stick. It is carved in a specific and precious wood called Cryptomeria Japonica * from sustainable, local and certified organic farming. This is the perfect incense holder for Japanese rolls.