Zero waste

Zero waste products help to significantly reduce our releases into the wild. They are designed with the ultimate aim of enabling us to avoid seeing the abolition of the use of plastics and their waste on a daily basis. Reusable food packaging based on beeswax, washable straws, gourds made of sustainable or renewable materials already make up this category, which will be extended as and when technical innovations are proposed by eco-responsible manufacturers.

Bamboo Straws (4 pieces + stick)
(VAT incl.)
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Set of 4 reusable bamboo straws hand made in a traditional and original way. Each straw is unique in its shape and its diameter, because of their method of manufacture and the natural origin of the product. Each set of 4 straws is supplied with a cleaning accessory for easy maintenance. We do not recommend putting them in the dishwasher because they will deteriorate quickly.