Essential oils

Essential oils are concentrated extracts of flowers and plants delivering all their essences and all their natural scents. They are essential for all who wants to give an atmosphere in its habitat or to give scents to products made at home. A few drops of essential oil will suffice for example to perfume 3 liters of liquid laundry made with flaky soap. A few drops of essential oil on a piece of cade wood will suffice to perfume for a week a space like the toilet at home. Only your imagination will set the limits of their use. However, we must not neglect safety and not lose sight of the fact that an essential oil is a concentrate and that certain plants or species can cause allergies or poisoning if ingested. We advise you to keep them out of the reach of children and to consult the recommendations on the packaging.

Toilet diffuser (essential oil)
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Diffuser of essential oils in natural Cade wood, handcrafted in France. Cade wood naturally absorbs the essential oil and diffuses the fragrance gradually and durably. This diffuser is supplied with 10ml of essential oil that can perfume your toilet for about a month and a half. You can then continue to use the diffuser by purchasing the essential oils of your choice again.