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Regulatius - Pro Bio Kids (Regulat)
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RegulatPro Kids helps with vitamin C, the proper functioning of the immune system and metabolism, as well as reducing fatigue. Vitamin C helps protect cells from oxidative stress, promotes the proper functioning of the nervous system and preserves mental health. Vitamin C allows a better assimilation of Iron. Regulatpro® Kids Regulatius contains all the concentrated power of REGULATESSENZ®
Marine Magnesium Taurine (60 caps)
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Food supplement based on marine magnesium (sea water extract), Taurine, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B9. Taurine is an amino acid derivative that helps better fix magnesium in cells. This considerably improves its absorption and increases its effectiveness tenfold. Natural anti-stress Helps reduce fatigue Boosts intellectual performance
Pro Metabolic (Regulat Pro Metabolic)
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Patented Cascade Fermentation Great enzymatic contribution. No preservative, 100% organic, no lactose, no gluten The exclusive distributor no longer wants to deliver to us. We can no longer offer you Dr Niedermaier's products at an acceptable price and are forced to suspend the marketing of this range. If you want more info, don't hesitate to email us.