Hygiene, beauty and well-being

Our selection of hygiene, beauty and well-being consists mainly of natural products. They are sometimes quite surprising. For example, the intimate wipes for men (essuie fraise) that are both original, natural and useful to take care of his male intimacy. The menstrual cups meanwhile, will significantly reduce waste by perfectly replacing sanitary napkins and tampons with a washable and reusable natural silicone utensil. We also thought of removing makeup by offering a range of micellar waters for all skin types as well as washable and reusable remover pads. Finally, the gourmet lip balm, the eco bottle made of organic cotton and wheat, and the anti-migraine headband complete the range of well-being products with respect for nature and the environment.

RegulatPro Dent (Regulat Dent)
(VAT incl.)
It strengthens your gums and cleanses your oral flora! Regulat Dent is a natural mouthwash. It is composed of Regulat Pro Bio (cascade fermentation), cranberry, ginger, vitamin C and zinc. The exclusive distributor no longer wants to deliver to us. We can no longer offer you Dr Niedermaier's products at an acceptable price and are forced to suspend the marketing of this range. If you want more info, don't hesitate to email us.
Echarpe Bouillotte Noire
(VAT incl.)
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This velvety and organic wheat bouillotte scarf is the perfect scarf for you not to catch cold this winter. It will provide you comfort and heat during the winter period. It takes only 2 minutes to get around 40 minutes of gentle, even heat. By its rectangular shape, this scarf will fit perfectly to your neck. It can also be used to relieve neck pain.
Sponge of Konjac - 3 scents
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100% natural, they are handmade in Japan. Konjac sponges clean gently and is suitable for all types of skin (even the most sensitive). They can be used with or without soap. Konjac sponges are made from vegetable fibers of the roots of the same name according to ancestral recipe. They are naturally biodegradable and can be composted once used. You can choose from the three variants, the one that best suits your skin type.