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All ready-to-use ecological products to maintain your laundry, your floors, your furniture, your coffee maker, your appliances ...

Black Soap Liquid Ecocert with Olive Oil
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Ultra powerful degreaser and stain remover. It will clean and deeply nourish all types of surfaces: tomettes, terracotta, tiles, linoleum, painted wall, sanitary, ceramic, leather, glass and other supports. Black soap is also an excellent stain remover for linen, it will come to the end of your tasks, even the most stubborn (such as blood stains). This liquid black soap is Ecocertified and contains only natural ingredients that respect the environment.
Food Baking soda - 1kg
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Food baking soda is the maintenance product for 1001 uses ! It is a cleaning agent, abrasive, deodorant, anti-limescale, pH regulator, softener, whitener. It will be your best ally against mold, stubborn stains on carpets, mattresses, solid carpet (carpet). It can also be used to remove bad smells from shoes, garbage cans, cupboards, litters or even the refrigerator!