List of products by brand Elite Naturel

For more than 15 years, Elite Naturel has toured the land to find all the possible fruits, in respect of agriculture and fair trade! Elite Naturel offers you fruit juices, concentrated juices of very high quality and labeled.

Initially specialized in importing and trading fruit and flowers - hence its name - Colibri has always been attentive to the demands of its consumers and partners. In 2003, for example, a well-known doctor of urology asked him to study the benefits of cranberry and to import the juice of this superfruit still unknown for tests.

Today Colibri Elite always offers you these juices and over the course of its research, has developed other products such as Pomegranate Concentrated Pomegranate Juice, a unique concentrated pomegranate juice and ultra rich in polyphenols (30x richer than a classic pomegranate juice) making it the most powerful pomegranate juice on the market.